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Carter Rental Cars

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  1. The renter is the ONLY authorized driver of the vehicle. Must have current license and 21 years of age.
  2. Major Credit Card (sorry no debit cards at this time).
  3. The rental vehicle must be returned in the same condition as rented (including a full tank of gas).
  4. No one way rentals. The vehicle must be returned to Carter Toyota.
  5. The vehicle must stay within the rental boundaries: WA, ID, MT, & OR. No Canadian Rentals.
  6. NO SMOKING, VAPING or PARAPHERNALIA in the car at any time.
  7. NO PETS in the car at any time.


  • Smoke/Pet Cleaning Fee $250.00
  • A cleaning fee of $250 will be charged if vehicle is returned with excessive dirt, debris and or smoke odors. If we determine that smoking, vaping, paraphernalia and or the transportation of pets occurred in the vehicle a cleaning fee will be applied to your credit card

Rates (all rates include mileage)

  • Toyota Camry
    • $49.95 per day (miles included)
    • $299.70 per week (7 days) includes one FREE day & miles
  • Toyota Corolla
    • $44.95 per day (miles included)
    • $269.70 per week (7 days) includes one FREE day & miles

By signing our rental form you agree to any and all incurred charges.

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